The Lebanon Museum Foundation needs a safe home for its rapidly growing collection of important historical artifacts.


The Lebanon Museum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in September of 2018. The mission of the foundation is: To preserve, educate, and engage the community in the history and culture of the Lebanon area.

Since the foundation was formed it has received numerous estates and other important local historical artifacts, including a large collection from a previous attempt at starting a museum.

Currently the Lebanon Library has been gracious to hold our collection securely but the foundation has run out of room at the library. The space is full and there is no room to take in more historical artifacts until a larger space can be located.

Even though the eventual goal is to have a permanent home to display and share the collection, the current need is to find a space where the collection can be stored and worked on. Exhibit space is not a priority right now, but safely storing and recording the collection is a top priority. With a space like this the foundation can also have a virtual presence online to start sharing the collection with the public.

The Foundation Board has come up with the following needs for a storage/work space:

• Minimum of 800 – 2000 sq ft
• Easy entry doorways, preferably first floor or elevator accessible
• Securable area (or room to build it) – not located in a basement
• AC/Heat/Humidity Control if at all possible
• Inexpensive rent or free (possible Tax Deduction for donating space to a non- profit)

Of course the Board would love to find a large enough location to house the collection and display it also, but right now the focus is on cataloging, photographing, and securely storing the collection.

Lebanon needs this important history museum and needs help to tell #OurLebanonStory.

We need your help. If you have an office or building space or know someone that does, please contact the Lebanon Museum Foundation Board President, Paul Aziz.

Contact Information:

Paul Aziz

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